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Are You Meeting Website ADA Compliance Requirements? Why Your Website Should Comply with ADA Guidelines in 2020 While it wasn’t perfect, the ADA (meaning the Americans with Disabilities Act) made public spaces significantly more accessible to people with disabilities. Wheelchair ramps and handicapped parking spaces are some of the more noticeable ways the ADA accommodates people with disabilities; however, in the digital realm, website ADA compliance is less clearcut.

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Recent court decisions have indicated that Websites need to be ADA Compliant so that all persons, regardless of their abilities, should be able to fully use your website. Curious how that is done?
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Need help becoming ADA compliant?

Achieving ADA compliance for your website can seem challenging, especially if your web design and development team doesn’t have much time available. Becoming ADA compliant, however, is critical, as a lawsuit could cost your business thousands of dollars.

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With our ADA compliance services, our experienced web design and development team can ensure your site meets ADA standards. Learn more about how our team can help by contacting us today.


 You want users to have the ability to perceive all the information that appears on your site, like text, images, video, and more. Even if a user can’t see your website’s text or listen to your website’s video, you need to provide an alternative.


 You want users to have the means to understand your website content. That means users can understand your site’s text, images, videos, and tools. For example, your site may include instructions for using a feature, like a calculator or a contact form.


 You want users to have the ability to receive the same experience, even if using assistive technologies. People reading your content versus those using a voice reader, for example, should get the same content even if it’s delivered differently.


You want users to have the capabilities to navigate your site and use all its features. Any user, for example, should have the means to use your main navigation, as well as any site tools, like calculators.

What does ADA compliance mean for your website?

More businesses are asking these questions due to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Standards for Accessible Design, which the U.S. Department of Justice released in 2010. These standards require companies to offer and maintain sites that people with disabilities can use and access.

Organizations that need to adhere with ADA requirements include:
State and local government agencies
Private employers with 15 or more employees
Businesses that operate for the benefit of the public


For any live video, provide captions. You can add captions to your live videos using software or hire a professional service such as ours.


Offer users more than one option for locating a page on your site, unless that page is the result or step in a process, like completing an online checkout. Adding an HTML sitemap, site search, and consistent navigation menu can help you accomplish this to-do.

Audio Descriptions

Provide audio descriptions for all pre-recorded content. You can also add a link near the content that directs users to your audio description.

Contrast Ratio

Maintain a contrast ratio of at least 4.5:1 for text and images of text. Exceptions include large text or images of large text, logotypes, or incidental text or images of text.

Headings and Labels

Use headings or labels to describe the topic or purpose of content. Aim for descriptive and straightforward labels or headings. You should also label all site elements, like a pricing table or contact form.

Text Resizing

Allow users to resize site text (without any assistive technology) up to 200%. The resize must not cause a loss of content or site functionality. This ADA compliance item does not apply to captions or images of text

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What if your website isn’t ADA compliant?

Unfortunately, if your website isn’t ADA accessible, you are liable.

A lawsuit, for example, could be filed against your company if people with disabilities cannot access or use your site. Even if your business didn’t intend to discriminate or exclude people with disabilities from  using your website, you could pay thousands of dollars in lawsuits.


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